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Welcome to Brick Cave Books

Summer Reading Challenge 2013!

On the last Bookcast we decided to jump on the Summer Reading bandwagon! So, here are the rules of the game and the links to the other summer reading programs that are almost as hot as ours! The coolest thing about this game is it will get you reading over the summer and it is a great way for you to review six months of amazing Bookcast moments!


Brick Cave Bookcast Summer Reading Challenge!

Ages: All Ages Welcome! (but, I think most of the books mentioned are for ages 13+)



Post your reading choices and progress to the Brick Cave Bookcast Facebook, website or Twitter.

Jenn says: Read any five novels mentioned on past Bookcasts, or and five books by authors interviewed.

Brent says: Read any series of comics mentioned on past Bookcasts.


Incentives: We have some pretty epic Brick Cave swag, from stickers, to hats, to t-shirts. There may even be a free book in it!


Deadline: August 25th


All those other reading programs:

Arizona Libraries: Dig Into Reading

Ages: 0 - Adult

For Information visit your local library.


Barnes & Noble Stores

Ages: 0 - 6th Grade

Incentive: FREE Book




Ages: K - 6th Grade

A visit from Captain Underpants author, Dav Pilkey



ASU Summer Reading Assistance



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